Illegals As "Border Heroes"—Adam Carolla Is Joking, But Vicente Fox Is Still Serious
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Via Kathy Shaidle, Adam Carolla is on O'Reilly saying that now that we've gone from "illegal alien" to "illegal immigrant" to undocumented and unauthorized immigrant, illegals will soon be known as "border heroes."

As we've frequently mentioned on, Vicente Fox, president of Mexico from 2000 through 2006, was always calling illegals heroes. See Two presidents failed to grasp complexity of immigration issue, By Jerry Kammer, Copley News Service, November 17, 2002.

And he said it again ("Mexican immigrants are often heroic. They take big risks in hopes of creating better lives for themselves and their families.") in the Los Angeles Times, as recently as  yesterday: Vicente Fox to Congress: Rethink that wall, By Vicente Fox, April 29, 2013.

Here is the kind of risk they're taking, with their children, as reported by Peter Brimelow, who visited the border when he was writing Alien Nation:

At that point on the border the Tijuana River, through which that father must have dragged his child, is filled with raw sewage (Mexican sewage, although it then flows through U.S. territory).

And the entire no-man's-land is infested with bandits preying on the illegals. When we had arrived at the celebrated Smuggler's Canyon after nightfall, my guide had flatly refused to go up into it on the grounds that it was now too dangerous. (The novelist Joseph Wambaugh wrote a powerful 1984 true-crime bestseller, Lines and Shadows, about a San Diego Police Department undercover squad's heroic but ultimately vain effort to control this nightly carnage in the late 1970s. And traffic then was a fraction of what it is today.[i.E. 1994])

My young guide, in general remarkably cheerful about the Border Patrol's thankless task, said it was the illegals' children that he found the most distressing, too. Particularly when the Border Patrol got there too late and found that the bandits had already managed to steal them.

Steal them? I said stupidly.

"They sell them to child-prostitution rings."[Alien Nation, 1995]

An American mother who lets her child play in the front yard can get a visit from Child Protective Services, but a Mexican immigrant who exposes his child to the risk of death for economic motives is heroic? Not in my book!
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