AMREN on Dallas: A Long, Hot Summer, Thanks To Our Idiot Political Class
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Jared Taylor's American Renaissance has just posted a long, excellent essay by its editorial collective, The Dallas Killings Were Inevitable, full of facts and arguments that you are not going to find in the MSM. Sample (links in original):
The country has got itself into this murderous fix because its eyes are firmly closed. President Obama mourns that “black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of [police shooting] incidents.” Now why is that?

Is it because in Pittsburgh blacks are 27 times more like than whites to be arrested for murder and because in Milwaukee they are 25 times more likely to be suspects in non-fatal shootings? Is it because in San Francisco they are up to 10 times more likely than whites to resist arrest? Is it because blacks are five times more likely than non-blacks to kill a police officer? Or is it because a black person is 19 times more likely to kill a police officer than an officer is to kill an unarmed black?

Mr. Obama says that we must “reduce the appearance . . . of racial bias in law enforcement.” So does Miss Wasserman Schultz. Sorry, but that’s impossible. So long as blacks commit crime at vastly higher rates than anyone else, simply stopping and arresting criminals will look like racial bias to them.

Ironically, they are now getting their way.

AmRen's dark conclusion:
Many blacks and some whites are so blinded by anti-white animus they cannot see the truth. The police will disengage. Black criminals will get more violent. They will kill more of each other and they will kill more of us. It will be a long, hot summer.
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