American Excess, Chinese Success
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The second of my February book reviews for The American Spectator (it’s a twice-monthly gig) takes on Stephen Roach’s Unbalanced: The Co-Dependency of China and America. Unbalanced: The Co-Dependency of China and America.

China forecasting is a mug’s game.  The terrible example before us all is Gordon Chang, who in 2001 published a book titled The Coming Collapse of China, which predicted that within five to ten years the Communist Party would be chased out of power amid social and economic breakdown.  (I reviewed the book here.)  As Stephen Roach notes drily in Unbalanced:  “During the next ten years China averaged 10 percent annual growth in its GDP, with no signs that the Party was losing its grip on power.”

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Read the whole thing at The American Spectator.

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