ACLU...United To End American Civil Liberties?
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Escondido is the first city in the state of California to pass a law that would impose fines and revoke the licenses for landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. (I wrote about the city council vote a few weeks ago here.)

It's really quite simple isn't it? We already have laws prohibiting the rental of property to illegal immigrants and this new ordinance just kicks it up a notch...kudos to the council for having the guts to do it!

Never missing an opportunity to kick Americans in the teeth, the ACLU vowed yesterday to challenge the legality of this measure in court.

Before I continue and in the interest of fair play, I feel compelled to disclose the following:

I hate the ACLU...I hate them more than I hate Susan Sarandon, her husband Tim Sarandon, the movie Titanic, hybrid cars, vegans and the California Teachers Association...combined.

(By the way, I still have no idea what a vegan is...they are supposed to be different from vegetarians but I'm not sure in what way...)

This is one of the "rights" the ACLU claims to protect:

"Your right to due process - fair treatment by the government whenever the loss of your liberty or property is at stake."

ACLU website...send then some email if you have time!

The city of Escondido is not denying anybody's right to due process. Those who wish to rent property in Escondido need only prove their identity and legal presence in the United States...this is hardly a new concept. If they arbitrarily selected persons for eviction without giving them the opportunity to prove their eligibility that would be an infringement on their rights.

Great...the ACLU will file their little complaint, the city of Escondido will be forced to spend a fotune defending themselves only to have some lame, liberal judge rule (unjustly) against the city.

Hmm...they're called the American Civil Liberties Union which seems to mean they are United to end American Civil Liberties.

And what a good job they're doing!!

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