God Bless Escondido!!
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Escondido City Councilman Sam Abed was born in Lebanon but became an American citizen years ago and last night, he proved just how American he really is!

The five member City Council of Escondido, California last night voted on a measure which would penalize landlords who rent apartments or homes to illegal aliens...and Sam Abed lead the charge. Here's the gist:

Under the new law, residents (actually anybody) can file a complaint with the city if they suspect a landlord is renting to illegal aliens. The city would then ask the landlord to provide identification for their residents and those documents would be passed on to the federal government for verification.

Should the information (documents such as social security numbers) prove false, the landlord would have ten days to evict the tenants or face financial penalties as well the revocation of their business license.

The new law does contain the following stipulation which I find well...amusing.

Complaints based “solely or primarily on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, or race shall be deemed invalid,”

Now that's pretty funny! That means the following scenario is illegal...for lack of a better word:

Landlord: Can I see a copy of your drivers license and/or social security card?

Applicant (In Spanish): Here you go.

Landlord (noticing that the picture on the license is of an 80 year-old Black man): Umm, this doesn't look like you.

Applicant (again, in Spanish): That's me...it's just the angle of the camera...it makes me look darker.

Landlord (noticing that the social security number provided begins with "666"): Umm, social security numbers never begin with "666"...are you sure these are your documents?

Applicant (again in Spanish): Yeah, that's me.

Landlord: I think I will ask the city to run these numbers through the feds for verification—if everything checks out, the apartment is yours.

Applicant (again, in Spanish): You're just targeting me because I am Hispanic! You racist! I am going to sue you!

Next thing we know, the ACLU is representing the applicant in a discrimination suit and the landlord ends up bankrupt from legal fees in six weeks.

In any event, the city council will vote again in two weeks to approve the measure. After that, there will be a 30 day waiting period before the new law kicks in. This means illegal immigrants in Escondido have about six weeks to find new residences...might I suggest their country of origin?

Even if the ACLU interferes and manages to block the new law (which is likely considering the judicial incompetency of the appealate courts) the city council of Escondido deserves a job well done!

When the surrounding communities are forced to absorb the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who will be fleeing Escondido, they may be forced to enact similar laws. Hmm...maybe this will become a catchy trend...first Hazleton, PA and now Escondido, CA!

Opponents to the measure (that would be the people who were standing outside the council chambers last night, waving a Mexican flag and calling everybody racists) claim the costs involve are prohibitive. Hmm....

A new city service? Expensive. A Federal verification process? Expensive. A community without illegal immigrants? Priceless.

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