Ace Of Spades Doesn't Quite Go There On Michael Brown
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The frequently-if-not-always amusing Ace of Spades posted a very funny “morning rant” about the hypocrisy of the left that had a minor if glaring flaw that shows just how enervating the fear of being labeled a racist has become.

First a few of the funniest “Progressives' Greatest Hits of 2019:”

“HATE HAS NO HOME HERE!” shrieked the violent antifa goon as he pulled the elderly man out of his wheelchair and beat him senseless.

“WE’RE NOT THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” screamed the talking heads on CNN as they called for the doxing of the Covington students. ...

“THE PRESS DOESN'T TAKE SIDES!” shouted the WaPo reporter as she posted a photo of herself and her colleagues celebrating “Impeachmas.”

“THIS IS DONALD TRUMP'S FAULT” squealed Gavin Newsom as the homeless man dropped trou and took a huge dump in the produce aisle of the San Francisco Safeway store.

“DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH!” shouted the limousine liberal from his gated community. ...


“NOBODY NEEDS A BILLION DOLLARS!” bellowed millionaire Bernie Sanders from the living room of his 3rd house. ..

“I'M A SERIOUS JOURNALIST!” exclaimed Rachel Maddow as she argued in court that her on-air statements were not intended to be interpreted as factual.

All very amusing. But then came this:

“HANDS UP, DON'T SHOOT!” screamed the menacing thug as he assaulted the store clerk.

Wait a minute. “Menacing thug?” Is something missing there? What color was the thug who became the face of the “hands-up-don’t-shoot” lie?

Ace of Spades is a bold blog, except on something like this, when courage surrenders to fear.

My guess? 

He could have tossed in “black” between menacing thug and no one would have cared. That he didn’t nearly brings more attention to the missing descriptor, in the same way the media’s not reporting race in a crime almost always means the suspect is black.

A question: Did one of our favorite bloggers delete “black” after he thought better of it, or did not put it in because he didn’t think about it?

The first is believable. The second, not so much.


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