Another GOP Insurgent Raises Immigration Moratorium Issue: Joshua Foxworth in TX-14
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Is it a trend? Besides Pete D’Abrosca in NC-7, another insurgent Republican is primarying an incumbent Congressman and raising the issue of immigration moratorium: Joshua Foxworth in Texas’s 14th Congressional District.

Foxworth is running on the immigration issue. He told by email that he is “generally supportive” of an immigration moratorium, but goes even further, arguing it’s “a temporary solution to a permanent problem.” He says:

I think that our entire immigration system needs to be rethought and redesigned from a new vantage point. Our system should start from the position that we are an established nation with a defined culture and as such the default yearly immigration is zero. From there, we can discuss allowing in people who are genuinely in need and whose presence would not affect our culture. That number would be extremely low and usually zero.

Foxworth wants to end Guest Worker visa programs, build the wall, and eliminate the diversity visa lottery system and chain migration.

Interestingly, he also wants America to implement a “reciprocity” system for legal immigration:

We will allow no nation's people to enter our lands unless that nation opens its borders to the world and to us in a similar manner.

And Foxworth is making an issue out of opposing Affirmative Action.

Foxworth faces Republican incumbent Randy Weber in the party primary. Weber has an A+ rating from NumbersUSA, but Foxworth argues this is deceptive. Weber did vote for the Indian green card giveaway known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants. Foxworth has attacked him and other Texas Republicans for this vote, making the explicit demographic argument that the GOP is importing its own destruction [Make No Mistake: The GOP Is Losing Texas, by Joshua Foxworth, American Thinker, September 13, 2019] will keep an eye on how Texans respond to Foxworth’s message.



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