A "Malefactor Of Great Wealth" - Adelson To Finance Chris Christie Presidential Run?
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Christie and Adelson: Not a pretty sight for America

H/T our trusty Talk Radio Listener for spotting Chris Christie finds a reason to visit Las Vegas in the dead of summer By Andrew Doughman Las Vegas Sun July 30 2013

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to visit Las Vegas today for a private fundraiser hosted by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson at the Palazzo…

Christie said in September 2011. “Why would you go to the middle of the desert in the summer? You'd have to be stupid to do that.”

There appears to be a reason that people should go to Las Vegas in the summer: It’s a lucrative stop for a presidential contender.

As VDARE.com readers have long known, Chris Christie is totally useless on Amnesty and Immigration. Quite probably for that reason, what were described as a group of “millionaires and billionaires” tried to get him to run for President in 2012 – as I noted in National Review Represses Reason For Christie's No-Go

There was a time when a Presidential aspirant would try to marshal a critical mass of opinion, trusting the money would follow.

Now the road map simply leads to Sheldon Adelson’s door (and to that of other excessively wealthy men).

Hence the Christie pilgrimage, and earlier ones by Bobby Jindal and Paul Ryan. The Gingrich campaign was prototypical.

If the donors were true American patriots, perhaps it would be unobjectionable. But there is every sign that these are “malefactors of great wealth” - men crazed by selfishness  and, in the case of Adelson, maddened by hypocrisy and bigotry over Israel into the bargain. These men have their own agendas and  input of the GOP’s actual voters is being deliberately and flagrantly blocked.

Adelson chose to advertise his reflexive leftism in his December Wall Street Journal interviews. I said then

•    Sheldon Adelson is the enemy
•    Any pol who wants/takes money from Adelson is the enemy
•    With these fantastic amounts of money on offer, any elected official is extremely likely to be corrupted quickly.

Presidential campaigns are being bought. The Republican Establishment is being bought. The Congressional leadership and the Republican National Committee are being bought.

And America is being sold

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