75th Anniversary of Diversity Day
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leastdiversepeopleeverMaybe I don’t remember much history, but I do know that, judging from this picture, D-Day must have failed, what with the shameful lack of diversity among the generals planning it.

After all, #DiversityIsOurStrength. So, I presume, the D in D-Day stood for Diversity, right? And yet, where’s the drag queen chief of staff? Who is crunching the Hidden Figures?


Also, it occurs to me that the Axis must have won the War, right?

I mean, the Allies’ Big Three of Churchill, FDR, and Stalin were lily white, while the Axis’ Big Three enjoyed the blessings of Diversity in the form of Tojo...

So, judging from the movie and TV watching I’ve done over the years, the less Diverse side, the Allies, must have lost to the more diverse side, the Axis.

It’s simple math, people.

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