War On Christmas: A Reader Notes Christophobic Google Is Pushing Happy Holidays Not Only On December 25, But On January 7 In Russia!
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From: Patrick Arsenault [Email him]

I've participated in your annual VDARE.com War Against Christmas series in previous years, dating back to 2005 or so, I believe.[VDARE.com note: See 2005 and 2006]

I know I'm a bit late, but I was reminded of it just the other day, when Google put up a repeat of its "Holiday Series" logo (omitting mention of "Christmas") on its Russia page, Google.ru. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated January 7, corresponding to December 25 in the Julian calendar. 

Happy Holidays from Google!

Google is one of the most culturally influential companies on Earth. Since its 1998 inception, Google has always put up one of its famed "doodles" on Christmas Day. But never once has it pronounced the words "Merry Christmas" on any of its English-language sites. (It has, however, used translations of "Merry Christmas" for foreign sites in Japan, China, India, and so forth).

In 2012, public backlash peaked and a search engine news site posted Google's Happy Holidays Logo Hurtful To Christians? By Barry Schwartz, December 24, 2012, which received over 750 comments (Most articles receive less than 10 comments). [VDARE.com note: We linked to it ourselves on Christmas Eve.]

On Google's own "Doodle Discussion Forum", this post appeared:

Why does Google's Christmas 2012 doodle say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Happy Christmas"?  

167 posts by 98 authors  

It received over 150 comments compared to the usual less than 10. It was replied to by a Google employee.

People are clearly fed up with this Happy Holidays nonsense.... especially in other Western countries where Google forced the use of this phrase even though it is completely unused there. ("Holidays" generally means a summer vacation, not a euphemism for Christmas).

The most telling thing that I've noticed since my last contact with you, circa 2005, with the rise of Facebook and similar social sites, is that even when companies, schools and other public entities have the opportunity to post messages on December 25 itself—CHRISTMAS DAY—they still say "Happy Holidays". Just check any random company or school's Facebook page.

Before Thanksgiving, we're told that "Happy Holidays" is meant to include Thanksgiving...after Thanksgiving, we're told it is meant to include Hanukkah...after Hanukkah, we're told it is meant to include New Year's... after Christmas, "Happy Holidays" is no longer used and they say "Happy New Year" instead. 

But what about ON CHRISTMAS DAY?? What possible excuse could they have?

This year, Hanukkah ended long before Christmas. And no other holiday at all coincides with it, as far as I know. Google's "Holiday" doodle was only posted on December 24 and 25. But it still said "Happy Holidays."

In fact, on its Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages, Google said "Happy Hanukkah" on Hanukkah, "Happy Festivus" on Festivus—but "Happy Holidays" on Christmas Day!

No joke... check it out for yourself: Google Plus's Google + Page.

The proliferation of companies', schools' and other entities' ability to put out messages on every day of the year has only further proved what we've always been saying—there is a War on Christmas, and "Happy Holidays" has nothing to do with inclusiveness. It has to do with Christophobia—avoiding Christmas and eschewing any mention of the word "Christmas" in any way whatsoever.

Merry belated December 25 Day!—and all the best in 2013 CE (Common Era—the replacement for "AD" to remove the Christian reference to our calendar year).

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