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A Retired Border Patrol Agent Says Corrupt Company Officials Profiting Personally From Illegal Immigration; etc.

From:   Marlin Spike [e-mail him]

Based on visits I have made to local poultry plants in Mississippi that fired their legal local employees so they could hire illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, here's how it works:

  • Upper level company officials agree to close their human resources section that deals with unskilled and minimum skilled workers.

  • The same company officers create their own "labor-supply company" and place a trusted legal alien as the up-front "owner."   This person is responsible for recruiting, smuggling, housing, and training a steady supply of illegal alien laborers.  He is also responsible for providing the aliens with the necessary false documents so he can fill out an I-9 form for each alien. The living accommodations usually consist of a group of houses owned by the company officials.  Each alien is charged $20 per week to live with twenty or more aliens.  They must also pay utilities, groceries and sundries.

  • The processing company employs whatever number of laborers it needs and pays the "labor-supply company" $8 an hour.  The alien is told he will be paid $6 an hour.

  • The owner of the labor-supply company deducts from the alien's wages a fee for smuggling and the preparation of false documents.

  • The end result is that the alien ends up earning about $2 an hour. The company officers, on the other hand, collect thousands of dollars in assorted fees and charges to the aliens. This is done without any responsibility for the workers…no I-9, no withholding tax, no insurance and no social security. In fact there is no paper trail at all since offshore bank accounts handle the deposits.

This scenario is a violation of a multitude of federal and state laws. And it is as close to slave labor as you can get without actually having the auction.

Once, it was routine to raid poultry plants. Now, however, it is a major event. 

I wonder why?

Spike retired in January 2005 after 35 years of service as a Border Patrol Agent and immigration inspector in Texas and the southeastern U.S.

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A CA Reader Asks: Where Are The Feminists When Aliens Rape Minors?

From: Margaret Taft [e-mail her]

Another illegal alien rapes another 14-year-old girl…when does it all end? 

A recently hired illegal alien, Roberto Lemus-Retana, working as a school janitor at Suguaro High School, Scottsdale, AZ is accused of raping a girl he dragged out of a bathroom to an empty classroom. The janitor worked, not for the school district directly, but for an outside contractor.  Both the school and the contractor claim to have done a background check that came back with nothing. [School Rape Suspect in US Illegally: ICE Official Says Suspect Provided Counterfeit Info, Mike Sakal and Amanda Keim, Mesa Tribune, Mike Sakal and Amanda Keim,August 31, 2006]

But neither the school nor the contractor bothered logging on to the government Basic Pilot Program data base which can detect within minutes if social security numbers match names. 

Lemus-Retana was arrested for DUI on May 14th, found to be an illegal and turned over to the Border Patrol for deportation to Mexico on May 18th.  But our incompetent ICE has no idea if he was ever returned to Mexico.  Whether he was deported or not, Lemus-Retana worked in Arizona during the first week of school and was therefore able to commit rape.

According to Lemus-Reta, "it was consensual". 

But that reflects Mexicans attitude toward women.

Where are the feminists?  Why doesn't Gloria Allred represent the minor girl in a lawsuit against the school, the sub-contractor and ICE, for not keeping the rapist out of the country?  (Ask her)

Why isn't Susan Estrich filling her columns with this latest atrocity?  (Ask Creators Syndicate which represents Estrich)

Why aren't Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren blithering and blathering about this case? (Ask them here and here.)

Unfortunately, we know the reason. Most feminist lawyers are liberals absolutely committed to unlimited immigration. Those like Allred, Estrich, Grace and Van Susteren, who are in a position to make a difference, seem not to care about the girls and women who are victimized by illegal alien crime.

Taft's previous letters to VDARE.COM are here and here

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A California Reader Mourns Sam Francis

From: Paul Schure [e-mail him]

Re: Sam Francis' Essay : Race and the American Prospect

For many years I have admired VDARE.COM's lonely voice as the sole expositor of sanity in America on race and immigration issues. I was deeply grieved at Sam Francis' untimely death in 2005.

Also have you noticed that we have reached a point in our pagan society that the "N-Word" is now more offensive to a liberal's ears than the word "fuck"?

I am almost sixty years old and would never have believed such a change possible if it had been predicted to me some forty years ago.

Even Hollywood loathes the "N-Word" and won't use it in the films they churn out year after year that bludgeon us with cuss words and blasphemous expressions.

I live in San Francisco which, along with Boston, is one of the most depraved liberal citadels in the world. I assure you that people in all walks of life here say: "fuck" without batting an eyelash. But use the "N-Word" and you might be lynched!

Yet Blacks call themselves "Nigger" with impunity. America has become a madhouse built on fake compassion and hypocrisy.

Schure is a retired lawyer.

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