A North Carolina Reader Says Get The Bounty Hunters To Catch Illegal Aliens
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October 08, 2006, 05:00 AM
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From:  J. Paige Straley [ e-mail him]

I have a privatization solution that would take such a load off ICE: bounty hunting.  It works really well for catching bail jumpers.  Who`s to say it wouldn`t work to corral illegal immigrants?  

ICE folks, who really might be better employed doing stationary things like running a stockade to process people going back home, would certainly be more productively employed.

Letting private enterprise loose on the illegal alien problem might yield a mighty dividend. 

After all, with at least eleven million illegal aliens roaming free, there`s profit to be made for a years to come.  Prospective bounty hunters would have all the incentive they need with all the "low hanging fruit" on every street corner.

And those bedraggled ranchers on the Mexican/U.S. border would finally find a bit of gold in the middle of this huge mess. 

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