A North Carolina Reader Says Get The Bounty Hunters To Catch Illegal Aliens
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From:  J. Paige Straley [ e-mail him]

I have a privatization solution that would take such a load off ICE: bounty hunting.  It works really well for catching bail jumpers.  Who's to say it wouldn't work to corral illegal immigrants?  

ICE folks, who really might be better employed doing stationary things like running a stockade to process people going back home, would certainly be more productively employed.

Letting private enterprise loose on the illegal alien problem might yield a mighty dividend. 

After all, with at least eleven million illegal aliens roaming free, there's profit to be made for a years to come.  Prospective bounty hunters would have all the incentive they need with all the "low hanging fruit" on every street corner.

And those bedraggled ranchers on the Mexican/U.S. border would finally find a bit of gold in the middle of this huge mess. 

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