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If you read nothing else this week, read this op-ed article by Yeh Ling-Ling in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chronicle is the leading liberal newspaper in perhaps the most leftist major city in America.  Ling-Ling is a naturalized American of the Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America. [Click here for a column by Raoul Lowery Contreras attacking her, here for Steve Sailer attacking Raoul.]

The money quote: "Unless drastic immigration reduction is part of the Schwarzenegger administration's action plan, the quality of life for all legal residents of California will continue to deteriorate."

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Liberal Elite Spin From Time Magazine

The thing most feared by our ruling elites is grassroots populism. For example, the fracas over "The Reagans."

CBS executives Leslie Moonves and Bela Bajaria hired two militant, leftist homosexuals, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, to produce "The Reagans." Zadan and Meron had previously produced such propaganda as "What Makes a Family" on Lifetime, about a lesbian who has to fight to get custody of a baby born to her artificially inseminated partner when said partner dies after giving birth. For "The Reagans," they produced exactly the obnoxious claptrap one would expect.

CBS executives also picked Barbara Streisand's husband, James Brolin, to play the part of Reagan. Streissand was on the set constantly, helping out her husband with the expected obnoxious claptrap.

What was wholly unexpected by CBS elites was the populist revolt against "The Reagans." The revolt, powered by the internet site, succeeded in getting CBS to cancel airing it. This is news.

Now comes James Poniewozik of Time in a weird attempt to recast this very interesting story as a boring battle of elites vs. elites. Poniewozik never mentions Michael Paranzino of Philadephia, the local Republican who simply put up the web site He claims that it was really just a matter of the "clout" of unnamed Republican "political operatives" in "Guccis." [Let's Spin One For the Gipper, November 10, 2003]

This is a reverse of the spin put on the Clinton-era "Million Mom March," where Democratic insider Donna Dees-Thomases was portrayed coast-to-coast as a "mother who'd never been politically active." By contrast, Paranzino is a genuine stay-at-home dad, who started with $8.95.

Poniewozik's weird spin is an attempt to obfuscate the clear lesson of "The Reagans": the growing power of the internet to strip elites of their power to monopolize what is talked about it. And the biggest issue elites want to muzzle is that of mass immigration.

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Christophobia At The Foundation For The Defense Of Democracies?

The research director of the  head of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies,

Andrew Apostolou, has made a foolish statement slandering Christians. In an interview with Daniel McCarthy of The American Conservative, Apostolou said: "Remember that the worst war crimes of the last decade were committed by Orthodox Christians in the Balkans." [Most Favored Democracy By Daniel McCarthy, November 17, 2003]

This is false on two levels. One, Serbian war crimes were greatly exaggerated, as many have shown. Apostolou has clearly sided with the anti-Serbs (the "Orthodox Christians" Apostolou refers to are the Serbs) in this historical argument. But at least there is something resembling an argument.

There is no serious historical dispute, however, about what the worst war crimes of the last decade were. That accolade belongs to the Hutu massacre of perhaps as many as a million Tutsis in Rwanda. No informed observer believes the Orthodox Christian Serbs came close, even if you believe the worst allegations now put forward against them.

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