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A Marine In Texas Says Our Children Are Being Sacrificed To The "False Gods" of Diversity and Multiculturalism; etc.

From: Mary Leverett (e-mail her)

Friends of ours here in the greater Houston area have three school-age children who have struggled with various learning disabilities. This is an ongoing emotional and financial burden for the family.

School opened in August, as it usually does here in Texas. Upon returning home the second grader, who is the only Anglo in her class that is taught in Spanish, was asked by her mother if she was making friends and having fun.

The child tearfully burst out: "Mom, I can't understand them when they're talking. I can't understand the teacher." 

Her mother immediately went to the school to insist that her child be transferred to another class. This request was denied.

After a week of daily demands, the child was finally reassigned.

This is a major example of the rubber meeting the road on illegal immigration -our children sacrificed in the name of the false gods of multiculturalism and diversity.

Leverett is a former Marine. Read her thoughts about General Peter Pace and his disingenuous immigration comments here. Letters she wrote about Mychal Bell and multiculturalism gone mad at the Denver Public Library are here and here.

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A White Reader Disagrees With A Black Reader About Whether Americans Will Vote For An African-American

From:  Paul Nachman: (email him)

Re: Elizabeth Wright's Letter: A Black Reader Says She Hopes Whites Don't Take The Obama Guilt Trip

Wright wrote:

"There is no way on God's green earth that Americans are going to vote a black man to be president, especially one who has the names Hussein and Obama."

I disagree.

Colin Powell could have made it in 1996. I don't mean to imply that I was especially enthusiastic about him but he would have been a very credible candidate.

And I would vote for Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, or Ward Connerly in a heartbeat. I think I'd be far from alone.

Probably none of them has enough executive experience—but then neither do most U.S. senators—so I'd be relying on their intellects and characters.

How about black women? What little I know about Janice Rogers Brown sounds great. And then there's Eloise Anderson, associated with the Claremont Institute. She's very sharp and tough as nails.

I agree with Wright about Obama, though. With his few credentials, why is he even under consideration? His Muslim background is highly undesirable, judging by what Steve Sailer, Daniel Pipes and others have written about it.

Nachman, a retired physicist, is a contributor to VDARE.COM

Elizabeth Wright replies: As a recovering Republican who can no longer tolerate warmongers, I was hoping for some show of sanity on the other side of the political aisle.

But instead, I'm encouraged to choose a President on the basis of rewarding him or her for past adversities suffered by dead ancestors.

After eight consecutive years of darkness with George W. Bush, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I don't consider any of those black men and women Nachman mentions as fit to rule in the White House or to lead the government. I might appreciate their contributions on some other level but not in terms of national/international leadership.

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A Former California Law Enforcement Officer Reports On A Foreign Bride Site

From: Thomas Kent (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: An Immigration Lawyer And Fiancée Visa Specialist Agrees With Joe That Changes Are Needed

As a former sheriff's deputy in a large county in California, I am constantly on the alert for scams and schemes. I'm wary of anything that sounds too good to be true.

One night I was surfing the web and stumbled across one of the foreign bride marriage sites Guzzardi wrote about.

Upon further investigation, my attention was drawn to a particular woman who stated that she was an architecture teacher. I got her private e-mail address and we subsequently started to correspond. After about a year I traveled to the Ukraine to meet her.

To make a long story short, she was exactly as she advertised herself. I had a nice time during my visit.

It should be noted that she is not eager to come to the United States. She likes her job and her lifestyle and wants me to relocate to her country.

All that being said, most of the rest of the bridal agencies are scams to one degree or another. I would trust none of them. The Ukraine is over run with bad guys ranging from cops who routinely take bribes to the common street hustlers.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Kent may have uncovered the best use of the bridal agency. Utilize it, if you wish, as a vehicle to meet new people. But in the end, make sure that she stays overseas and you return home!

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A Vietnam Veteran and U.S. Marine Says John McCain Is "Not Qualified" To Be Commander-in-Chief

From:  Richard Montgomery (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: The Internet Could Defeat McCain In November

As a Vietnam veteran, I despise Mc Cain. His betrayal of servicemen abandoned in South East Asia will be his political ruin.

Ever since I witnessed Mc Cain's despicable behavior when he served on the Senate Committee for POW/MIA's, I vowed never to vote for him if he became a presidential candidate.

Although I have been a Republican all my life, my politics are very personal. And Mc Cain is not qualified to be commander in chief of our armed forces.

Persons with a military background that run for the presidency (and by extension commander in chief of our Armed Forces) should be required, by law, to release all records relating directly or indirectly to his/her military service. There should be no exception.

In 2004, the issue of Senator John Kerry's suitability to be commander in chief became a focal point. Despite repeated promises made by Kerry to release his entire military record, he never did so.

Undoubtedly, Kerry believed that making his records public would permanently damage, if not destroy, his reputation and personal honor. In the end, Kerry was willing to lose the election rather than subject himself to the scrutiny of researchers and military historians.

Today, a similar circumstance exists. Another so-called Vietnam War hero seeks the White House. Americans are expected to accept, at face value, the media's version of Mc Cain's "war hero" status.

Anyone who questions the official history of what McCain backers call his "distinguished military service" is branded unpatriotic. Most inquiries in pursuit of the truth, regardless of how justified, are simply ignored.

As a Marine combat veteran, I want to know the information Mc Cain has so diligently tried to hide. I want to know what his POW debriefing documents say. In fact, I want to know what is contained in all of the debriefing documents Mc Cain had classified to keep them out of the public domain.

Mc Cain isn't a nice guy. It can hardly be said that he's a good guy. He is, in fact, a bad guy.

His whole story is convoluted, a work of fiction concocted to prop up a make believe hero who would be worthy of the presidency.

What bothers me the most is that so many people know that Mc Cain's story doesn't hold water. The media, afraid of attacking a "war hero", has rolled over.

The Internet will bring Americans the truth they need to know.

It is worth noting that the accusations contained on the Vietnam Veterans Against John Mc Cain website that Guzzardi linked to are backed up by declassified documents and historical news articles.

VDARE.COM readers should also study former North Carolina Congressman Bill Hendon's book, An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of POWs Abandoned in South East Asia for a better understanding of why so many veterans like hate the Senator from Arizona.

Montgomery, who lives in Florida, served two combat tours in Vietnam.

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