A Lawyer's Advice To Victimized White Men: Sue! Now!
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02/16/08 - Saturday Forum: A Marine In Texas Says Our Children Are Being Sacrificed To The "False Gods" of Diversity and Multiculturalism; etc.

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: Invisible Victims: White Males and the Crisis of Affirmative Action Revisited

From: "Anonymous Attorney" (e-mail him)

Sometimes, tough guys file lawsuits

One roadblock to publicizing the incredible injustices against white males is the mistaken sense that "grown men don't cry". 

As a one-time successful complainant about an affirmative action program that hurt white men (namely, me) and as one who otherwise generally looks askance at litigation to solve problems, I hereby encourage white men to get litigious.  Now!

It amazed me, in the years that followed, to see the reactions to my own personal case. 

"So what?" and "Who cares?" issued from the mouths of liberal types who'd melt to the floor at the mention of far lesser slights directed to blacks, Hispanics, etc. 

A politically liberal relative with feminist leanings snorted that I should "get over it".  Some conservatives were supportive but others, incredibly, had the same reaction—or did not believe (despite media coverage) what I was telling them. 

This was by turns frustrating and painful.  My experience was dismissed as a lie, and then I would be treated to a lecture on how evil white males "owned everything" and needed to be reined in.

So, white men (and sometimes, white women), don't think of your complaint or lawsuit as weakness. Think of it as strength.  Think of it as a blow to the enemy. 

Believe me, at our society's current level of arrogance about the casual mistreatment of white men, they won't see it coming.

"Anonymous Attorney" is a former resident of New York. His previous columns and letters are here. His blog postings are here.

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