A Reader in England Is Dismayed By Double Standards In U.S. Presidential Race
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From: Elizabeth Sutherland (e-mail her)

Re: Peter Bradley's Column: Why Do Only Whites Lose Jobs Over Racial Remarks

From here in England, I am watching the American presidential primary season.

I am constantly amazed by the apparently acceptable racist comments (about Barack Obama) and sexist remarks (about Hillary Clinton) that go unchallenged.

Woman after woman makes the same remark regarding feminism when explaining a vote for that arch-harridan Hillary Clinton: "I'm voting for Clinton because she's a woman."

Ditto for racism: "I am voting for Obama because he is black"—conveniently forgetting that he is also Hussein and partly educated in a Muslim public school in Indonesia.

But imagine if a male voter said he was voting for Ron Paul because he is "white and male." No way! The race lobby would go collectively berserk, the sky would fall in and the uproar would never end.

What blatant double standards.

I would find it impossible to vote for either Clinton or Obama. Clinton is evil and represents evil people. Obama is lightweight, trading on his race and with a dubious and dangerous background that is ignored by the mainstream media for reasons I know not.

Yet I would never vote for John McCain either. He's a traitor and a war criminal in his support not only for the illegal Iraq war but also the conflict in Yugoslavia.

The American voter will be between a rock and a hard place come November.

I hope to God you Americans don't destroy your country by your choice, whoever it may be.

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