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05/21/10 - A Legal Peruvian Immigrant Says ICE Should Be Beefed Up

A California Refugee Says Illegal Aliens "Squeezed" Her Out; etc.

From:  "Happier in Texas" (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: So Long, California—Thanks For The Memories

Guzzardi's California experiences mirror mine.

I lived all over California for 40 years. But I moved from my beloved state in 2002 because I felt squeezed out by the constant flow of illegals. Although I had a bachelor's degree in social services, I couldn't get a job because I didn't speak Spanish.

In 2001, the last time I attended the Monterey County Fair, the Mexican flag flew above the American flag. I asked an official why that was permitted. She replied matter-of-factly that California belonged to Mexico because the United States stole it. She added that Mexico is gradually reclaiming California by becoming the demographic majority.

That was it for me. I couldn't get a job, my kids were beaten up and picked on for not being brown enough and the school administrators were too afraid they would upset the Hispanics so they did nothing

My youngest daughter was taught in immersion classes where all the instruction is in Spanish. Because she was a newcomer, she and the other kids who didn't know Spanish were kept in a mobile classroom in the back of the school like lepers. 

The California I knew was dead. My father had come to America from Serbia back in 1950. He didn't know English well, but he joined the U.S. Army as a way to fast-track his naturalization.

My mother was born in Puerto Rico but spoke nothing but English around our home. My parents were proud of their citizenship. All we kids were raised on English-only and assimilated by celebrating even minor events like St. Patrick's Day and Halloween.

Disgusted, I moved to Texas where my brother and his family had already moved to for the same immigration-related reasons I did. I haven't been back to California since. I gave the whole state the finger when I reached Needles and the Arizona border!

Texas, like Guzzardi's Pennsylvania, has a unique culture that is celebrated by its residents. There has been a great deal of subversion from the illegal immigrant population but Texans, unlike Californians, fight back.

God bless them for that! 

Thanks to Guzzardi for putting into words what I have been unable to explain to people when they ask, "Why in the world would you leave beautiful California for ugly ol' Texas?"

My answer is that, as Guzzardi wrote, California is no longer part of the United States. California is a little like, say, Haiti....pretty on the beaches, but you wouldn't want to live there.

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A Mid-Western American Worker Is Still Waiting For The Arizona Effect To Take Hold In His State

From:  Kyle Dunlap (e-mail him)

Re: Ed Rubenstein's Column: April American Worker Displacement: Is An "Arizona Effect" Showing Up?

I'd love to think Rubenstein is correct that the Arizona effect created by S. B. 1070 is spreading throughout the United States. In my experience, however, that's not the case.

I live in a small mid-western state. After a year of working only part time, I landed a job with a small manufacturing company. The shop floor is more than 50 percent Mexican, most of whom speak little English.

Last week in an all-employee meeting the manager told the workforce (using a translator for the non-English speakers) that the company is considering launching a second shift.

The new jobs have not been advertised. But last week, carloads of Mexicans showed up to submit applications.

The company personnel specialist got his position because he is multilingual. He's busy calling around to let the illegal alien community know about the openings.

Anyone who manages a multimillion dollar company like mine cannot be naive enough to think all the employees hired in this fashion are legal workers.

Legions of illegal immigrants are eager to jump into any jobs an economic recovery may bring and plenty of greedy anti-American business owners are ready to profit from their low wages.

I don't see any Arizona effect here—I wish I did!

To all of you at VDARE.COM, keep up the good fight.

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A Legal Taiwanese Immigrant Implores Republicans To Understand The Consequences Of Over-Immigration

From: Shih-Yi Kuan (e-mail her)

Washington Watcher's Column: GOP Insurgents Rubio, Hoffman Have The Right Friends—But The Wrong Treason Lobby Friends

As a legal immigrant, a proud American citizen and a minority, I consider Arizona's S.B. 1070 as a ray of hope. I hope other states will institute similar measures.

But I'm concerned that prominent politicians still don't get it.

For example, Florida U.S. Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio has the potential to be an effective legislator and possibly a future president.

However, I was disappointed at his initial criticism of S.B. 1070. Then, Rubio redeemed himself when he supported the bill's amended version that minimized the chances of racial profiling.

Still Rubio sends mixed message about immigration. His statement that "the federal government ...has failed to provide a legal immigration system that works" indicates that Rubio is among the many Republicans who think immigration should be easier and that we should have more of it.

What Republicans must learn is that we cannot have a free country if it's overrun by unassimilated immigrants.

With the exception of the first wave of Cubans, most immigrant groups consistently vote for leftist Democrats. This is particularly true of illegal immigrants from Mexico who have little education.

For generations, Mexicans have lagged in academic and financial success. In short, they become part of a permanent underclass with a vested interest in getting as much from the government as possible. Essentially, they become wards of a Democrat socialist government.

Immigration is America's biggest problem. Most immigrants, especially those from Third World countries, do not come from cultures which value individual freedom and the rule of law.

They come to make money and have little interest in the Constitution. Our schools no longer teach traditional American values but instead instill ideas of socialism and balkanization through multiculturalism.

Democrats understand this and accordingly are enthusiasts of massive immigration as a way to increase government dependency and a solid base of future voters.

By increasing the number of government employees and those dependent on government, the Left is building a coalition which will ensure socialism into the future. That is what they have done in European countries like Britain and that is the plan here.

A prosperous middle class is the best insurance of our survival. By undercutting wages with imported cheap labor, Republicans may make business interests happy in the short term but will destroy us in the long term.

Still, the Republicans represent American best chance to insure that American values will continue. But the GOP must stop pandering to immigrant groups and start acting in the nation's best interests.

I hold out little hope that the federal government will deter the illegal invasion.

In the end, it does not matter if we build an underclass illegally or legally, the result will be the same—the loss of our liberties and the prosperity which made America the best country in the world's history.

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