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03/05/10 - A U.S. Army Veteran Says The Iron Curtain Shows A Fence Can Work

A Former ACU Intern Confirms Its Anti-Amnesty Fund-Raising Scam; etc.

From: John Robert Kennedy (e-mail him)

Re: A. W. Morgan's Column: That Mount Vernon Statement: Beltway Right Ignores Immigration (Again). But They Still Want Your Money

Morgan's piece was incredibly precise in its depiction of Washington D.C.'s political fund-raising scams.

As a former intern at the American Conservative Union, I can confidently confirm that Morgan is 100 percent correct about the way it deals with those postcards/donations.

During the summer of 2007, when I did my intern stint, I filed out donor cards and took calls for $150 a week.

Every day, I drove to the ACU without air conditioning and left Old Town Alexandria in rush hour traffic so I could support conservatism. Obviously, my paltry $150 wage barely covered my meals and gas expenses.

This was the summer of George W. Bush's amnesty push and I hoped the ACU would kick some butt.

They mass mailed senior citizens about the looming amnesty crisis, of course. I saw the angry responses we got.

The elderly donors were sincerely upset about the amnesty threat—but the ACU officials didn't care about America's looming destruction one way or the other.

The ACU used the amnesty issue to make money by cashing the checks but flinging the postcards into the trash.

All the while of course, the big shots collected their salaries but did nothing about the prospect of millions of illegal aliens being amnestied.

I greatly appreciated Morgan's take on this corruption and I look forward to reading more of his columns.

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A North Carolina Home Economist Says Anchor Baby's Diet Is Not So Bad

From:  Teresa Saffell (e-mail her)

Re: Today's Letter: An Oklahoma Reader Says Immigrants Should Be Able To Feed Their Own Children

The diet of beans, tortillas and egg that Maritza Hernandez provides for her five-year-old son that letter writer Henry Ridge described is not all that bad.

Eggs and beans are nutritious and have protein. With the addition of a green vegetable and possibly some rice, it would be an adequate although not fancy meal. Millions of Mexicans have lived for centuries on the same food staples.

The larger question is why the Hernandez family hasn't gotten food stamps or assistance from any of the dozens of Hispanic outreach groups including the Roman Catholic Church.

As we painfully know, those organizations are more than eager to help aliens in their time of need. In truth, however, they would be better off at home in Mexico.

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Another North Carolina Reader Says Aliens Need Lessons On How To Make The Best Use Of The Food Stamps You Pay For

From: John Pershing (e-mail him)

Most all English speaking native born American citizens on food stamps and/or with WIC babies at least buy most of their groceries at mainstream regional chain grocery stores.

When using their EBT cards and WIC vouchers, most welfare recipients don't make wise nutritional and economic purchases.

I've seen morbidly obese grocery buyers with overweight children pay for $90.00 worth of eligible foodstuffs that included fatback, country ham, potato chips, bacon, the most expensive brand of sugar coated cereals instead of plain house brands, eight packs of 8 oz. convenience packaged orange juice at over twice the per ounce price of bulk container sizes.

Then, when they finish their food stamp transaction,  they purchase for cash ineligible items which include Chinet paper plates, the most expensive brands of household cleaning products, a case of beer, two jugs of wine, and two cartons of cigarettes.

But the illegal alien invasion has compounded the insults to taxpayers I've described above.

Now illegal immigrant food stamp users patronize the independent bodegas that liter our landscape and cater to a plethora of ethnic grocery buyers.  

Guess what? The bodegas also accept food stamps and WIC vouchers. Their shelves are loaded with non-perishable ethnic food products imported from as close as Mexico to as far away as Thailand and India.

Many of these products have exact or close equivalents of mainstream nationally produced foods but others fall into the category of bush meat or substances used in ceremonial incantations of one kind of Shaman or other.

Most are very expensive. Calculate the cost of hauling a load of, for example, canned pickled squid fillets from Bangkok to Long Beach and then run it through the ethnic food distribution network. Then compare that total to the cost of the items in your pantry.

What's wrong with supermarket house brand long grain rice? Why does the rice have to have the brand name Lupita's and sell for 50 percent more than the Arkansas rice I use? Is there something wrong with Arkansas rice? So much for culinary and grocery brand loyalty assimilation in America!

I have written earlier on this misappropriation of taxpayer funds with a description of the Costa Rican welfare foodstuffs program where participants can only buy a limited number of items at government-run grocery stores.

The U.S. needs to convert to the Costa Rican method if it plans to continue handing out food you pay for willy-nilly. 

After all, the food stamp program is run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. What part of U.S. is not being understood here?

Pershing's previous letters about Main Stream Media deception, his substitute teacher experiences and the value of the VDARE.COM hyperlink format are here, here and here.

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A Virginia Reader Urges VDARE.COM Editors And Contributors To Procreate

From: Herman King (e-mail him)

Finally, I found at VDARE.COM columnists who see and write the unvarnished truth about the alien invasion.

May all of you procreate and may your offspring share with the nation the same lucid insight you have been blessed with.

I'll add that I recognized from the beginning that the Tea Party movement was being hijacked by the neocons and pseudo-cons.

My two Democratic Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner, pose as moderates but really are knee-jerk liberals.

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