A U.S. Army Veteran Says The Iron Curtain Shows A Fence Can Work
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From: Wayne Greenough (e-mail him)

Many years ago, I was in the Army in a unit that had border duty on the Iron Curtain, the area that is known now as the Czech Republic.

Our defense consisted of guard towers with automatic weapons, three rows of fencing about 25 yards apart and 8 feet high. The middle fence was electric with a mined plowed strip in front of it. The towers were maybe 300 yards apart, well in sight of each other. During the periods of darkness, the area was illuminated as bright as day.

This Iron Curtain fence stretched from the North Sea to Trieste, about 2,000 miles. Not even a cockroach could have gotten through that border alive.

Don't tell me the U.S. can't close the border. The only excuse is that no one wants to.

Greenough, who served in Germany for 18 months during 1956-1957, lives in North Carolina.

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