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A New York Reader Says Name Tells All: Academia Semillas Del Pueblo Plants Reconquista Seeds; etc.

From:  Henry Lenoir

Re: Bryanna Beven's Blog: Hispanic Supremacy—Judicial Watch Investigates The Reconquista School

Bryanna's post about Los Angeles Unified School District's Mexi-racist indoctrination center is excellent.

She's right that it is astonishing that LAUSD approved financing after reading Academia Semillas del Pueblo's charter application. Actually, though , LAUSD's educrats did not need to read it to figure out what ASP is all about.

It's right there in the name: Semillas del Pueblo means "seeds of the people." The seeds are the Mestizo illegal alien and illegal alien-birthed children and teachers who make up ASP.

What's more, the name is in Spanish, which should be unacceptable for an American school, especially since it is funded by U.S. taxpayer money. That says plenty, too.

The school's name is a succinct statement of APS's true mission. Using "seeds" for its students gives the game away. What do you do with seeds? Plant them!

ASP is all about planting alien seeds, mostly illegal, in American soil so that alien weeds (the Mexican barrios that have already transformed Southern California) can sprout and crowd out the Americans whose home California—and the rest of America—really is.

The pueblo in question is not America, you can be sure of that.

What's in a name? Sometimes, everything!

Lenoir is a lawyer. His previous letter to VDARE.COM is here

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An Alabama Reader Says Texas Is Planting Seeds, Too

From: Hugh McInnish [e-mail him]

In Texas last month, a mob of 600 screaming, cheering elementary school students waved Mexican flags and recited the pledge to the Mexican flag. The incident occurred during an assembly celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The full impact of this demonstration is only now being felt with the airing by KTRH-TV in Houston of a program showing a pair of stark, frightening video clips documenting this incredibly outrageous assembly program. See the flag waving clip here. And see the pledge being given here.

School officials contended that the students didn't recite the Mexican pledge, but according to both KTRH and parents in attendance, the children unmistakably did.

The black principal of Velasco Elementary School, Sam Williams [ e-mail him] which is about two-thirds Hispanic, said that, in hindsight, he would have done things differently.


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An Arizona Reader Says Pancho Villa Is New Tucson Hero—Will Osama Be Next?

From: Mike Taylor [e-mail him]

Political correctness is alive and well in Tucson.

The 7th Congressional District candidates had a forum recently in which citizens could submit written questions.

I asked the candidates to explain why we have a statue of Pancho Villa in downtown Tucson.

Ron Drake, the Republican challenger, replied: "That's a good question". Then he said: " Diversity... it shows our diversity!"

Of course, the other candidates followed suit. According to the incumbent Democrat Raul M. Grijalva: "I don't have a problem with it". And the Libertarian, Joe Cobb: "Oh, it's wonderful".

Of the group, only Grijalva has a clue as to Villa's role in American history.

Less than 100 years after murdering dozens of Americans in separate incidents, Villa's crimes have raised him to the stature of an Arizona pop hero.

I wonder if there will be a statue of Osama in New York by 2111?

Taylor is a lifelong Republican who says he was driven by the GOP's treachery to vote Democratic in 2004.

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A Reconquista U.S. Army Vet Writes A California Minuteman

From: Tony Ruiz [e-mail him]

I really don't care what you think about illegal aliens

You are just a piece of white trash! HAHAHA! I have many friends in Camp Pendleton who are on my side! Many of these marines are on my side.

Hey racist, when was the last time you've been to a military base? I guess you didn't see all the Mexican soldiers in uniform? HAHAHA!  Everyone of those soldiers feels like me. And if you don't know this, then wake up.

I dare you or those racists at KFI Radio in Los Angeles or anyone to try to go to a car wash and work. I dare you lazy bastards to come over to the fields!

You won't. Cowards!

When I was stationed in Vilseck Germany, in 2/63 Armor, I spoke Spanish
with many people. I had a huge Mexican flag in my room!"

[VDARE.COM note: Ruiz is identifying his unit, the 2nd Battalion, 63rd
Armor Regiment in Vilseck, part of the 7th Army in Germany. Are there any
vets who can verify the validity of Ruiz's comments?

Guess what buddy? The U.S. army is full of Mexicans, brown and proud.


P.S. I brought food and drink to the poor people at Home Depot me.

Report me.


Joe Guzzardi comments: Ruiz's letter was forwarded to me from a California Minuteman who says he gets plenty of similar mail.

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An Illinois Reader (And Former Seminarian) Says That When Catholic Universities Take Federal Money, They Must Sing The Government's Tune

From: Richard

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: God And Girl At Catholic College: Readers Respond

I enjoyed Kerry's article as well as the sampling of responses to it.

One thing missing from the picture is why and how all those once great Catholic universities went down the tubes.

The answer is not so much our cowardly bishops but federal aid.

Once you take a dime from Uncle Sam, you're doomed. You can't say no to anything it asks.

Look at the University of Notre Dame's Father Hesburgh. How proud he and all his Catholic alumni are of those great new campus buildings they put up since they hooked up to the federal spigot.

As the song in "Evita" goes—"And the money kept rollin' in."

Other colleges have done the same. But what a price students and parents have paid—millions of souls have been lost, perhaps forever.

God help the students! Seat of wisdom, pray for us...and pray for them, too.

Richard writes that he and his wife are lifelong Catholics deeply grateful for the education Catholic schools gave them. They have four daughters and eighteen grandchildren including a Dominican teaching sister working in France. Richard concludes: "God has been good to us."

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A West Virginia Reader Says The Free Ride Is Over

From: Jim Fogarty [e-mail him]

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Immigration Diagnosed In Immigration Emergency

There's a cure for illegal aliens bankrupting our hospital emergency rooms. It's called "report and deport".

Let's try it. Send them back home. The free ride is over.

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