A California Reader Says HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
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08/07/06 - A Georgia Doctor Thinks Certain Senators May Be Suffering From Head Trauma

From: Kinko The Clown [e-mail him]

Kinko the Clown and most of the inmates...errrr...I mean inpatients here at the nuthouse commonly known as the Atascadero State Hospital really love to read the stuff on VDARE.COM!


First Michelle Malkin and how all of the incarcerated Nisei should be grateful to the US government! 

HAHAHAHA, that's so funny. Thanks Uncle Sam for taking our homes, our businesses and keeping us in concentration camps in the California desert for four years!!!!

When will Malkin remind us how Afro-Americans should be grateful to slave owners since blacks are much better off here than in Togo or Ghana?

Michelle, keep them laughing...you go girl!!!

Then Edwin S. Rubenstein's article about the myth of Miami: Cuban Americans are not successful because Afro-Americans have not progressed with them!

What logic! HAHAHA this is funny!!

So Italian, German and Jewish Americans are not successful because Afro-Americans have not progressed ...we are all failures...that's so funny....HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHA.

And finally the gem!

America is done for. Yep! Mel Martinez's mother doesn't speak fluent English and 200 elementary school kids who are learning Mexican and American Indian pride in Central Los Angeles are hatching a plot to destroy America.


Call out the Minutemen...ooops; he fell down from a heart attack!!!!

VDARE. COM, we love you. As long as the editorial collective at VDARE.COM runs around loose, we head cases have some hope of getting out someday.

Meanwhile keep writing....HAHAHAHAHA the stuff is GREAT!!

Kinko The Clown advises that he "should be out by 2015". He adds, "Maybe I can join VDARE.COM then!"

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