A Minnesota Reader Says America Is On a Kamikaze Mission
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From:  Paul Scheffield [e-mail him]

Re: Dan Sheehy's Column: Fighting Immigration Anarchy At The Grassroots Level

Sheehy's essay brought to mind a notion that has occurred to me before:  the idea that America, or a significant number of its citizens, has acquired a nasty case of irrational self-loathing

Such a disease often manifests itself when people succumb to the idea that it is okay to commit evil so that good may come of it. 

Some Americans have adopted a variation of the " kamikaze" where, instead of aiming their warplane into an enemy's ship, they fly it instead into one of their own. 

The character Lavinia in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus (Act 2, Scene 3, lines 142-143) states:

"Some say that ravens foster forlorn children, The whilst their own birds famish in their nests."

Far too many Americans have implicitly adopted the idea that America is the great wickedness of our time and that it needs to be killed off.

One of their weapons of choice happens to be the inane policy of immigration liberalization.

Scheffield, a chef by training, now works with developmentally disabled adults.

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