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02/20/09 - A NV Reader Explains To Oregonian Reporter The Dangers Of Diversity

Immigration Reformer Invented "Hate Facts" Concept; etc.

From: Craig Nelsen (email him)

Re: "Numbers Not Fit To Print: What I Said That Upset The New York Times" by Peter Brimelow

Peter Brimelow's response to the NYT's editorial is great. But a small fyi on the term "hate facts":  I've seen it pop up lately, and I thought I vaguely recalled coming up with it a long time ago, so I looked—more out of curiosity than anything—and found it on our site back in Nov 1999

Craig Nelsen (email him) is founder of e-VeriFILE, a project of ProjectUSA

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A CA Reader Finds Another "Second Generation Failure"

From: Steve Smith (email him)

Re: "Montreal Massacre Movie Depicts Killer As Non-Bearded Non-Muslim For Some Wacky Reason"

Apparently another "second generation assimilation failure" was out drinking and doing drugs with his "gang" of friends and ended up murdering a kid for entertainment: Esteban Nunez released from jail after posting $1 million bail, Los Angeles Times, December 10, 2008.

There is an apparent gentleman's agreement media blackout on this story too. It just doesn't get any press. The local televised news eventually did a 30 second report on the murder case weeks after the arrest of the Nunez kid, then moved on.

Who is Esteban Nunez?

He's the son of the former speaker of the CA legislature Fabian Nunez. Nunez was I believe an anchor baby.

I believe this brutal murderer is currently out on bail.

The victim was the child of an immigrant too (not that it matters any less).

Apparently Nunez' "gang" tortures pets and small animals.

California has an estimated $47-billion dollar budget deficit—primarily from people like Fabian Nunez.

Smith lives in Los Angeles. His previous letter about President George W. Bush, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Ameriquest Mortgage Company is here.

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A TX Reader Explains The "Southern Dimension" Of The "Patriotic Immigration Reform" Movement

From: Don Reynolds (email him)

Re: "A Pennsylvania Reader Says Immigration Reform Patriots Have Better Things To Do Than Argue About The Civil War; etc."

I have read and re-read this note several times and it is priceless.

I must thank the writer for reminding me, and many other Southerners, of the fact that our Yankee cousins strongly disapprove of many things that we think, do, and believe. I cannot estimate the magnitude of misinformation that packed into this short note, but I am convinced that the writer actually believes every word. I certainly hope he will continue with his South-bashing, notably his disrespectful remarks about Robert E. Lee and other Confederate leaders. He's the perfect example of why this Union of States cannot continue indefinitely. We are different people and our societies are incompatible.

Is there a Southern dimension to the "Patriotic Immigration Reform" movement in this country? Undoubtedly the South is the most consistent and steady part of that movement. If you map the Senate votes in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens,, you will find that very few of those votes were from the eleven states of the former Confederacy. It is Yankee senators to see who is trying to force amnesty on this nation.

Mr. Cleburne did not write his article to annoy anyone...nor should his article about the Civil War. He was rightly responding to the silly comparisons of Obama to Lincoln lately, which are at least premature and probably deliberately misleading.

Let me be the first of what will likely be many Southerners who will encourage this writer to disrespect the South. It makes our job much, much easier.

Reynolds is a city planner and economist. His previous letters about bias in journalism, the U.S. enemy identification problems, the folly of a third party and Ron Paul are here, here, here and here.

Patrick Cleburne comments: Before his death, the South was well defended on VDARE.COM by Sam Francis. Subsequently, the task is often handled by Mike Scruggs (see here). This letter by Scruggs is also of interest.

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