A Canadian Reader Finds Canadian Support Of Obama Amazing
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From: Wayne Goodfellow (e-mail him)

Re: "Obama Is Making His Move In His First Term" by Nicholas Stix


What amazes me is the overwhelming support of Canadians for Obama who visited Canada recently. I saw an interview with one white woman who came all the way from Winnipeg just to buy something from the same store in downtown Ottawa visited by Obama.


A highly educated friend phoned me when Obama arrived in Ottawa: "Isn't he an amazing man"? When I ask what exactly was so amazing, I was greeted by silence.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC, funded to the tune of $1 billion each year by our tax dollars, has transformed itself into the Obama Network. What hope is there for Western Civilization when people are cheering their dispossession and ultimate extinction? The stupidity of it all boggles the mind.


Please read America's Half-Blood Prince by Steve Sailer if you are interested in knowing about the real Obama which was kept from the world by the traitorous Main Stream Media (MSM).


Personally, I wouldn't put Obama in charge of a hot dog stand; he has no qualifications whatsoever and his policies are more of the same shakedown of whites that he exhibited in Chicago's south side.


Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe.


The current economic collapse may be on a scale greater than the Great Depression. Western European banks have liabilities that total $25 trillion, an incomprehensible amount of bad debt.


I don't think that the most inventive people on the face of the Earth, who have built the most advanced civilization, will go quietly into the night. Although sometimes I wonder if they deserve to survive.


Goodfellow is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa and a senior research scientist at Natural Resources Canada, a department of the federal government.

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