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A Maryland Reader Predicts That VDARE.Com Will Rue The Day It Began Bush Bashing; etc.

From:  Paul Fahlstrom


You and your writers have managed to bash Bush and the Iraq war to the point that this week's election became non-local.

But really, you have now lost the battle.

Republicans fought the open borders crowd. But because you helped create a tidal wave for the Democrats, now an immigration tsunami will hit us and VDARE.COM is the fault.

You are not very smart. Even though Bush is weak on the borders, he couldn't overcome his party in the house.

Now he has lost the House and VDARE.COM has done the country great damage.

I am particularly displeased with Paul Craig Roberts who has lost all credibility.

Fahlstrom lives in the Baltimore area.

Peter Brimelow writes: VDARE.COM does not take sides in elections. But the fact is that Bush would have read re-election as support of his proposed amnesty. As it is, Bush's leadership is completely discredited. The deck has been reshuffled. We don't yet know if the Democrats really want to emerge as the party of amnesty. And the GOP has a new opportunity to emerge as America's Party.

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A Texas Reader Predicts A Republican Palace Revolt

From: Don Reynolds [e-mail him]

I keep reading articles proclaiming that the November 7th election is a repudiation of conservatives.

Don't you believe it for a second. Conservatives WON the election

What was repudiated was monarchy. And the people defeated were not conservatives but the court toadies and Tory Republicans that kept President George Bush's veto stamp tucked in his drawer.

When Bush told the nation, "I am the decider", I knew his rejection was inevitable.

The people went to the polls and told Bush who the real deciders are in this country…us!

I have yet to meet an American who gives a fig about whether Iraqis have democracy or not. The Iraq War has gone poorly. Afghanistan is worse. Every week Americans are subjected to more embarrassing news spun favorably for Bush by his well-schooled team.

And on the subject of tens of millions of illegal aliens, I have yet to meet an American who does not have passionate feelings for border security and against amnesty and guest workers. And I live in Texas!

Voters were more motivated by what has happened in America than in Iraq, no matter what you may hear. Our threats to American health and safety are much greater from illegal aliens than from terrorists.

Bush's boss—the American people—just fired a shot across his bow and every ship in the Republican fleet watched it happen.

It may take a palace revolt to get a new direction for that fleet, but it won't be long in coming.

Reynolds previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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A California Reader Ponders The Possibility of a Latino Political Party

From: Robert Baker [e-mail him]

An awful thought just occurred to me. What if sometime during the next two decades the Latinos form their own political party?

While the Democrats and Republicans are licking their lips and bending over backwards—at U.S. citizens' expense—to cater to the Hispanic voting block, would it be a big surprise to find out Latinos are forming their own party?

They could give it a nice, all-inclusive P.C. title like "The Human Rights Party."

In this nightmare scenario, a third political party of astounding size would challenge the dominance of the ruling Democrats and Republican establishments—virtually overnight.

Baker is a native Californian whose job, he says, "includes interacting with U.S. Veterans everyday whose opinions have never been anything but disdainful toward America's open door, pro-amnesty immigration policies."

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A Tennessee Reader and Two-Time Bush Voter Is Not Surprised By The Rout

From: [Name Withheld]

I supported President Bush in both elections but I wasn't surprised by the November 7th election results. 

Bush and his Senate and House cohorts have continually slapped their base in the face so many times over the past six years that President Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave. 

As for Bush's amnesty plan for 20 million lawbreakers, that's a given now. [Joe Guzzardi note: Not necessarily!

Does anybody really think that Bush loses one minute's sleep over the consequences of illegal immigration?  Or that he cares one iota that illegals are trashing and destroying businesses and ranches in the Southwest day after day? 

Illegals aren't trampling all over Bush's beloved Crawford ranch, leaving behind their empty plastic water bottles or Wal-Mart bags behind.

Bush is no different than any other politician, spouting off about what they think is good for the rest of us while they live safely behind their Secret Service Protection and send their kids to private schools.

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