“Parliament, Thy Name Is Treason”—A California Reader Points To An Intense Comment On The Brexit Betrayal
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Re: Peter Brimelow's article DUNKIRK: “People Should Be Hung From Lampposts, They Should Be Burned Alive, For What They’ve Done To Britain”

From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

In the Breitbart story REPORT: Anti-Brexit MPs Plot Coup to Stop UK Making Clean Break from EU  [by Victoria Friedman, January 13, 2019] there’s a really powerful comment on the attempted betrayal of the Brexit decision by someone calling himself “Brother Antony”.

Here’s a direct link to the comment.

Parliament, thy name is Treason and so it shall be recorded. Where both Napoleon and Hitler tried and failed, you are now close to succeeding by surrendering the UK and handing it over to the new Axis Alliance.

As I look back consumed by nostalgia I remember that as a boy and young man I was taught by men and women of strong but gentle character who had either fought through the war, sometimes both wars, or, if too old or infirm, had pursued their profession steadfastly under a rain of bombs whilst they and their students survived on a meagre diet bereft of all luxury, but one never short on love or patriotism. Consequently, we boys and girls began to understand the meaning of freedom and the high price those who had gone before us had paid for it. We were lifted up on the shoulders of giants and now in the early winter of our years we find those same shoulders have been shattered and cast aside by pygmies.

In the political arena those we elected to represent us had actively served their country one way or the other and thus fully understood the meaning and mechanisms of tyranny, and they conducted their business on behalf of the electorate accordingly. Now, they too no longer exist — into their huge shoes have stepped the tiny feet of at least two generations of traitors who have been selling us to the highest foreign bidder or invasive terrorist either for votes or thirty pieces of silver.

Today our education system is nothing more than a Marxist-Socialist-Islamofascist propaganda collective. From primary school, through secondary school and up to what were once seats of higher learning the rot has permeated beyond reversal. Nothing short of the complete reframing of all current syllabi, the ruthlessly clinical removal from all levels of the academic establishment of those indoctrinating yet more generations and then a rebuild from the ground up is the demanding necessity and only that will suffice.

Our once trusted, world-renowned ‘Bobbies’ have become nothing more than uniformed thugs whose Common-Purposed function is to persecute any long-heritage native citizen who objects to his or her ethnic cleansing. This whilst the detection and prosecution of real crimes is reduced to nothing more than a subsidiary function. The legal profession is, as always, no better and is doing rather well out of it all, thank you, even before they slither into the Commons, the Lords or a well remunerated Quango.

End of days, people, end of days, because all the above have also been infiltrated by the many-hued invasive Fifth Columnists of the New World Order who are protected by those who in positions of leadership would, in any morally functional government, be rejecting them with absolute abhorrence. The Long March Through the Institutions is almost complete.

In the final analysis I know where I will stand, where it will take me and roughly when I will fall, but I care not because I have nothing left to lose but my children’s chains and perhaps then somebody, younger and fitter, will pick up the torch. You, too, have a similar decision to make, or will you dither in the comfort of your temporary affluence and quasi freedom until it is too late to make any decision at all?

It's a brilliant comment, which so well states the Western world’s state today, that should be posted far and wide.

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