Brenda Walker Wonders About Bush`s "Faith-Based" Ploy
August 22, 2001, 05:00 AM
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From:  Brenda Walker

Am I the only person who sees an immigration red flag in the so-called "faith-based" approach to social services? The Catholic Church is one of the biggest boosters to opening the doors entirely as the Vatican anticipates the U.S. becoming a Catholic country within a few decades because of immigration from Latin America. Catholic Charities already gets $2.3 billion annually from the taxpayers (according to David Broder`s July 11 article in the Washington Post). That money fungibly goes into Church`s major immigrant outreach programs, dayworker centers, legal help, etc. with very little oversight. Billions more dollars sounds like a terrible idea.

Brenda Walker is the editor of

August 22, 2001