Another Arkansas Reader Doubts Mike Huckabee On Illegal Immigration
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From: Emory George (e-mail him)

Re: An Arkansas Reader Says Huckabee Ignored Proof Of Immigrant Welfare Use

Mike Huckabee has no intention of enforcing the law on illegal immigration. 

Huckabee refused to act on the enforcement of immigration laws while he was the state's governor.

Legislation was passed in Arkansas in March 2005 that allowed Huckabee to work with Homeland Security for immigration enforcement.

This 287 (g) agreement would give state troopers training in the enforcement of federal immigration law. 

But Huckabee never followed up with Homeland Security.  Although Huckabee had twenty-one months left in his term to sign the 287(g) agreement, he never did.

In September 2007, Arkansas' state police director Colonel Winford Phillips sent a letter to ICE to start the process. 

At the time, Democratic Governor and Huckabee's successor Mike Beebe, commented, "It was brought to me that we haven't done anything about it, and I said we ought to follow the law".

But Beebe is no better than Huckabee. Only two months later the Arkansas News was reported that Beebe was unwilling to implement the federal program.  [Illegal Immigration Discussion Continues, By David Sanders, Arkansas News, November 7, 2007]

It is important to note that Beebe would not have anything to waffle about if Huckabee had done his part and signed the agreement.

George is a small business owner, a home schooling parent and a long time Huckabee observer.

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