An Arkansas Reader Says Huckabee Ignored Proof Of Immigrant Welfare Use
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From: Ken Roberts (e-mail him)

Until recently, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was a nonentity in the Presidential race.

Odd how quickly things change. I'm certain that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would prefer not to have to run against Huckabee, since both have Arkansas pasts.

Huckabee is untrustworthy on immigration. A couple of years while he was governor, I e-mailed him various times about illegal immigration.

Despite northwest Arkansas being overrun by Mexican aliens, Huckabee wrote back to tell me that no immigrants in Arkansas were on welfare whether legally or illegally in the U.S. Huckabee made the same statement publicly.

But just about that time, Dollar General retail  stores put up signs in all of their stores, in Spanish only, that they now accept food stamps! I sent a picture to Huckabee's office but never heard from him again.

Someone needs to publicly ask him about that. Beware of Mike Huckabee; he is to be feared.

Roberts is a retired businessman and an anti-illegal immigration activist reports that a recent raid on a chain of Mexican restaurants resulted in the arrest of some employees and the owners. [Informants, Arrested Employees Led to Immigration Raid, By Ron Wood, Morning News, December 14, 2007]

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