An Iowa Reader Says Thanks To Karl Rove Republicans Won The Battles But Lost The War
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From: Elmer Singleton (e-mail him)

Re: Randall Burns' Blog: Mortgage Defaults, the Electoral College and Immigration

Mentioning Karl Rove, as Burns did in his blog, reminds me of an old military saying dating back to at least World War II.

Paraphrased it goes, roughly, "amateurs worry about tactics; professionals worry about logistics."

Rove proved himself a supreme tactician. He got his guy George W. Bush elected, and then re-elected, by two of the narrowest Electoral College margins in history.

But while Rove's tactics managed to win the battle, it left his party unable to re-supply the front. Now without enough men to fight, Rove left his own general—Bush—looking like a fool.

Thanks to Rove's tactics, Republicans won three elections.

But because Rove ignored logistics, those of us who remain in the GOP lost the war—possibly for good.

Few conservatives remain to replenish our diminished ranks. Those that do have been demoralized by Barack Obama's triumph and John McCain's feeble resistance.

Randall Burns replies: As VDARE.COM's house progressive, I believe that Richard Nixon planted the Republican Party's seeds of the destruction when he pushed social issues like abortion and prayer in the public schools to the front burner. Ronald Reagan finished off the GOP's traditional values when he catered to wealthy supporters and failed to do anything meaningful about immigration.

A major U.S. party needs popular issues-and the Rove strategy simply hasn't provided that.

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