A Missouri Law Clerk Calls Peter Brimelow "A Stupid F***"; Peter Replies
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From: John Zimmerman (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Q: When Uninsured Immigrants Are Hurt, Who Pays? A: You

Peter Brimelow writes: The following is an e-mail exchange between law clerk John Zimmerman and myself. Links are added.

Zimmerman to me, November 14, 2008:

"You are one stupid f***.

[Quoting blog] "An irresponsible legal system preventing the hospital's frantic attempt to ship their deadbeat patient back to Guatemala (featuring his pro-bono lawyer Chuck Chionuma, an immigrant from Nigeria.

"The immigrant ended up living—something that would not have occurred absent Mr. Chionuma's intervention."

My reply, November 14, 2008:

"Many thanks for this thoughtful note. Who paid for this act of Christian charity?"

Zimmerman, November 14, 2008:

"Is the 'charity' that a man lived? And no, you are not a Christian."

My reply, November 17, 2008:

"You don't seem to have answered the question: who paid for these treatments? I assume it wasn't Attorney Chionuma (or you)."

Zimmerman, November 17, 2008:

"The question is better left unanswered, else it could take any number of directions, few of which could you wrap your mind around.  It appear that you just another product of the White welfare system?  You would do well to think outside of your own narrow prism that significantly distorts reality by thinking payment is an end unto itself."

My guess is that it has simply never occurred to Zimmerman that anyone had to pay for his employer's activities—or that critics need to be met with anything other than abuse.

Ask him:

John W. Zimmerman, Law Clerk to Mr. Chionuma

Chionuma & Associates, P.C.

The Bryant Building

Grand Boulevard and 11th Street

1102 Grand Boulevard

Suite2300, Top Floor

Kansas City, MO 64106

Telephone: (816) 421-5544

Facsimile: (816) 421-5353

Email: [email protected]

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