An Iowa Reader Says Illegal Immigration Great Fodder For Television Comedians
October 09, 2008, 05:00 AM
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From: Leroy Wheat (e-mail him)

Jay Leno is not the only comedian who gets it about illegal immigration.

Comedy Central`s Steven Colbert hosted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos last August.

While Ramos rambled on about the "energy" immigrants bring to America and boasted that within a few decades Hispanics would outnumber whites, Colbert replied: "Then Lou Dobbs is right. We should be afraid of you."

Watch it here.

In another segment featuring Ramos, Colbert said that, according to his understanding, Univision translates to "Let`s invade America."

Colbert also introduced his alter ego, Esteban Colberto, to poke more fun at Ramos.

Immigration is no laughing matter. But it`s possible that because of Colbert`s popularity, his sarcasm may serve to enlighten his mostly young and liberal audience.

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