An Iowa Reader Says Illegal Immigration Great Fodder For Television Comedians
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From: Leroy Wheat (e-mail him)

Jay Leno is not the only comedian who gets it about illegal immigration.

Comedy Central's Steven Colbert hosted Univision anchor Jorge Ramos last August.

While Ramos rambled on about the "energy" immigrants bring to America and boasted that within a few decades Hispanics would outnumber whites, Colbert replied: "Then Lou Dobbs is right. We should be afraid of you."

Watch it here.

In another segment featuring Ramos, Colbert said that, according to his understanding, Univision translates to "Let's invade America."

Colbert also introduced his alter ego, Esteban Colberto, to poke more fun at Ramos.

Immigration is no laughing matter. But it's possible that because of Colbert's popularity, his sarcasm may serve to enlighten his mostly young and liberal audience.

Wheat's previous letter about diversity in the workplace is here.

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