An Iowa Reader Explains How Visa Overstayers Should Be Encouraged To Go Home
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From: Leroy Wheat (e-mail him)

Several VDARE.COM writers have tackled the problem of visa overstayers.  This is a huge immigration concern because the visa recipients arrive in the U.S. legally, but never return home.

Thus, legal immigration eventually turns into illegal immigration and the vicious cycle continues unabated.

Yet the solution to encouraging visa holders to go home when their time is up is simple.

  • Require a 10,000 dollar bond for every visa given. If you don't return as per the terms of your visa, the U.S. government keeps the cash.

  • Money or property that a person makes while here after his visa expires will be forfeited to the government.

  • Those monies forfeited by visa violators (now illegal aliens) will be used to hire more ICE agents.

  • Businesses that retain visa overstayers on their payroll will be fined $25,000 per person the first time, $100,000 the second, and the third time the business can be seized by the government and sold at auction.

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