A Disgusted Arizona Republican Says Get Rid Of John McCain
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From: Bob Porter (e-mail him)

In his footnote to letter writer Amakua, Peter Brimelow wrote about the Republican Party's prospects:

"...it irritates me that the GOP might benefit, for the reasons laid out here by our Ellison Lodge. Sometimes, I just think we should go to the generic term "American Party"—maybe the GOP, maybe not."

Imagine how disconcerting it is to learn that the leading Republican immigration advocate, Arizona Senator John McCain, has assumed the major role in making over the party (in his own image) and is its "titular head." [John McCain's Mission: A GOP Make Over, by Alex Isenstadt, Politico.COM, October 2, 2009]

As long as that's the case, don't look for any significant changes within the party especially on immigration.

Any Republican "make over" has to begin with McCain's removal. 

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