A Hawaiian Reader Reminds Us About The Obama "Snow Job"; Peter Brimelow comments
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From: Amakua (e-mail him)

In my January letter, I warned readers that the only job Obama was certain to create is the "snow job."

As sure enough, Obama's 3 to 5 million promised new jobs (depending on when during his campaign he was lying to us) are nowhere in sight. Instead the U.S. unemployment rate is approaching 10 percent.

Worse, Obama's chief economic advisor, Christina Romer, predicts that unemployment will increase into 2010. [Obama Advisor Sees Unemployment Rising Until 2010, by Joshua Brustein, New York Times, May 10, 2009]

As bad as the economic news is for unemployed Americans, it gives the GOP its best chance to make meaningful gains in the 2010 Congressional elections and build a foundation for recapturing the White House in 2012.

Republicans have to show how unchecked legal and illegal immigration has cost Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Amakua writes that he is one of Hawaii's "few" natives not completely taken in by the "Obama hype".

Peter Brimelow writes: I agree with this analysis, but it irritates me that the GOP might benefit, for the reasons laid out here by our Ellison Lodge. Sometimes, I just think we should go to the generic term "American Party"—maybe the GOP, maybe not.

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