An Indiana Reader Projects His Own Anxieties And Hatreds On
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RE: in toto

From: Clement Cherlin [Email him]

I think you guys are doing a fantastic job of bringing nativist xenophobia "out of the closet", as it were, and promoting it as an active lifestyle. However, you're doing yourself a disservice by couching your arguments in terms of "environmentalism" and "protecting American workers". The Tea Party has showed the way forward, casting off the pretense of rational debate and reasoned argument in favor of brute strength and ignorance. Be proud of your white supremacist brethren! Let your Confederate battle flags fly! No anti-immigrant rant is too odious! No study is too specious! No stereotype is too unfounded!

Be the racists you know you were born to be. Justice demands no less. Get those dirtbag wetback thieving so-and-sos who want to be able to have food and clothing. They should behave like Real Americans like you and blame their problems on people even poorer (and browner) than they are, while ignoring the crimes of Wall Street banks that brought the global economy to the brink of depression while simultaneously working furiously to destroy all forms of government oversight.

P. S. If you publish this, please be sure to mock me as a  ——loving Northern carpetbagger. [ note: Mr. Cherlin is a white guy who thinks that because he’s a leftist and doesn’t really mean it, he’s allowed to use the “N-Word.” He isn’t.] Oh, wrong century. I mean a self-hating effeminate Eurosocialist race traitor. Thanks!

Clement Cherlin  is a self-hating effeminate Eurosocialist blah blah blah who lives in Indiana.

James Fulford writes: Mr. Cherlin’s letter is an almost perfect example of the psychological mechanism known as projection. I will not attempt to answer it—the links should do that—but I will say that his letter is unedited except for some dashes and note, plus the addition of  a capital “C” to Confederate.

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