A California Reader Says The GOP Long Ago Decided In Favor Of Campaign Contributors Over Patriotism
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Silicon Valley And The House GOP—Why Can't Republican Congressmen Follow Israeli Example?

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

James Fulford writes:

"It's that simple, once you've decided that patriotism is more important than campaign contributions."

Yes, but the opposite is also true, once they've decided campaign contributions are more important than patriotism it’s over. They (the GOP) made that decision before Obama was sworn in.

The GOP has already decided, that's what the banker/Fannie Mae bailout was all about, putting campaign contributions ahead of everything else.

This is how they try to fix the Fannie Mae foul up, millions of new people, no new housing, housing restrictions are going up nationwide (based on the UN’s Agenda 21 “sustainability” ideology ) and much more expensive building codes are being imposed while at the same time millions more people are allowed in

Americans will never be "allowed" affordable housing; either the state will prevent new housing or add more people or both.

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