An Ex-Texan Liberal Reader Wants Peter Morrison To "Slither Off"
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Peter Morrison’s article Obama’s Anti-White Coalition Triumphs—Time For Texas (And Others) To Think Secession?

From: Paul Sweeney [Email him]

Although I will defend and support Peter Morrison’s First Amendment rights to spew his vile garbage, he and his views are one on many reasons why I chose to move from Texas after living there for 9+ years.

He and his racist views are an affront to Texas and to the United States of America.

This election repudiates his racist and anti-American views. I hope that he will just slither away and let the majority of Americans live their lives free of his racist and vile views.

James Fulford writes: I see that Mr. Sweeney has seceded voluntarily from Texas, and he seems to want Peter Morrison to secede—“slither away”—but would he be willing to allow Texas to secede? Perhaps. I wrote earlier about a liberal author named Chuck Thompson, [Email him] who wrote a book called “Better Off without ‘Em”, in which he called for letting the ‘mouth-breathing, racist’ South secede. See South-Hating Author's Plan Would Have Saved 600,000 Lives In The 1860s.

Mr. Sweeney’s letter shows once again that is not a hate site, it’s a hated site. Note the use of “spew”—along with “spout”, “screed”, and of course,”slither”, it’s way of letting you know that you’ve got a letter from someone tolerant and unprejudiced.

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