A Tennessee Reader Says The South May Not Have To Secede—It Might Be Lucky Enough To Be Kicked Out Of The Union
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Re: Peter Morrison’s article Obama’s Anti-White Coalition Triumphs—Time For Texas (And Others) To Think Secession? 

From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

I've advocated secession of the old Confederate states for a long time.  I've been kidding myself. Southern Baby Boomers would never give up the Social Security benefits that they've been paying for all their working lives.  Some can't afford it.  Others just don't want to.  

But if Social Security were to disappear…? That is the entitlement that holds the Union together.

Of course the rest of the country may come to its senses and realize that we Southerners cause them more aggravation than we're worth and kick us out. In that case, maybe they'd let us keep our Social Security, or negotiate a lump sum payment that rids the US government of us forever.

Not hard to do when the dollars are backed by nothing.  Of course, by then the forests may be wiped out and the paper a dollar is printed on may be worth something.  

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