An Engineering Student Points Out How Well China Is Doing WIthout Minority Groups To Pay For
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Re: Anonymous Attorney’s blog item Militarization of Police” Not the Issue—Racial Difference Is

From: An Anonymous American Engineering Student [Email him]

I have a small—but I feel important—quibble with the Anonymous Attorney's recent article. The Attorney wrote:

"We are an increasingly multiracial, white-minority society. The black populations in the cities have lower intelligence and are quicker to violence, which explains why they’re poor and why they riot. Billions in social welfare spending, affirmative action, and even a black president have not changed this situation."
Forgive my hair-splitting, but our country has in fact spent trillions in social welfare attempting to correct black dysfunction.

It is quite dreary indeed when one ponders the immense opportunity cost of this wasted money.

Examine China. It shows how much wiser public money is spent in an ethnostate, even when under communist rule.

While a nepotism-ridden police state, China's government does not have to deal with constant racial violence and grievance-coddling, outside of Tibet (their own fault) and Sinkiang (a land inhabited by restive Muslims).

China also does not have to sabotage its own economy by suing companies for aggressively screening their hiring for the best and brightest.

The most concrete example of lost opportunity is in the area of useful public works. Instead of spending trillions on paupers and ne'er-do-wells, gobs of spending on destructive education fads, and useless foreign wars, China has been spending on foreign investment and building up its infrastructure.

Instead of paying a fortune for energy, China built the Three Gorges Dam—a dam which can produce 22.5 GW (gigawatts) of power. Compared with 2012 data from the Energy Information Administration, one finds that a dam of similar output could supply nearly 5% of our nation's electrical power needs.

The price tag? A mere $26 billion.

And that is merely a drop in the bucket of China's domestic ambitions.

I know I am part of irascible and bigoted minority, but I would much prefer taking a punctual mag-lev train to work every day, while browsing nationwide free wireless internet, all powered by cheap nuclear energy than paying for robocops to ride around in MRAPs with fully-automatic AR-15s to keep order in crime-wracked Section 8 hellscapes.

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