An Oregon Reader Congratulates A Commenter (Censored, Of Course, By THE OREGONIAN)
August 26, 2014, 06:15 PM
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From: An Oregon Reader [Email him]

15700022-small[1]Hats off to Redditch, whoever you are. An individual who frequently comments under articles in the left leaning The Oregonian, he again sums up the situation succinctly in reference to a shooting involving a young Hispanic, pictured right.

"Cornelius Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges Related To Hillsboro Shooting"

By Everton Bailey Jr.[Email him] August 25, 2014

Redditch 59 minutes ago

"A Cornelius man", per The Oregonian.

A "white" man, per the Washington County Sheriff's jail website.

If I drive to Tijuana tomorrow and then shoot somebody, will I be "A Tijuana man" in the local newspaper, and listed as "Latino" along with the Kingston Trio in the Tijuana jail?

Lord, what fools these liberals be.

Before I could even submit this email, the above Redditch comment has been deleted by Oregonian censors.

I think it was Redditch himself who said it best, commenting on a Ferguson-related article:

Attention, O-Live regulars: below see the rather amusing detrita of the Objective, Non-Partisan, Professional O-Live content censors in action.   Dwk's infantile name-calling passes muster per the Community Rules, you see, but my astute, epithet-free mocking of Professor powell and Amy Goodman simply cannot be borne.

Posted on The ghost of Dred Scott haunts Ferguson: Amy Goodman 8/20/2014 4:56 PM

Someone toss Redditch a life preserver. Oregon (preparing to vote on driver’s privilege cards for illegals) is close behind CA in their dash to irreversible destruction.

The reader chooses to remain anonymous.