An Alabama Teacher Says His Illegal Alien Students Are Better Off Financially Than He Is
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From:  Carl Carlton (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Why Are 15 Million Americans Unemployed When 8.3 Illegal Aliens Have Jobs: Immigration Moratorium Now!

Bravo to Brenda!

While my Mexican and Guatemalan students' illegal alien parents pick them up in their 2009 cars, probably acquired through Cash for Clunkers, and drive off to their sub-prime mortgaged house, I am left scratching my head and worrying about how I will be able to afford to raise my son, our only child. 

My family and I are fans of Walker's writing and the VDARE.COM website that I have relied on to help me open the eyes of many a touchy feely liberal on America's immigration crisis.

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