A PA Reader Says Reagan Owed A Debt Of Gratitude To Third Party Candidate Anderson
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From:  Robert H. Burch (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Column: After NY-23, Goldwater, Reagan And The Mirage Of "Moderation"

While Brimelow correctly wrote that: "Ronald Reagan won with just 50.7 percent in 1980," this is somewhat misleading, as John Anderson took almost 10 percent of the vote, thus leading Reagan to a comfortable victory.

The Sailer Strategy works best when there is a third-party candidate running from the left.

Burch describes himself as a prematurely retired ex-chemical research engineer whose job was outsourced. His earlier letters about the media's slanted coverage of Ron Paul's presidential campaign, the illegal alien crisis in New Jersey, former President Bush's relationship with Attorney General Gonzales and why educrats are happy about falling SAT scores are archived here

Peter Brimelow writes: Reader Burch is of course right, but I do suspect that ethnic Third and Fourth parties will become a feature of federal politics as the immigration policy continues to abolish America.
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