A Quaker, Liberal Democrat, Speaks Out Against Illegal Immigration
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11/01/07 - An Oklahoma Reader Reports That Mexican Bureaucrats Call Mexican Field Workers "Filthy"!

From: Paul Verizzo (e-mail him)

Re: Why So Few Iraq War Protest Songs, by Joe Guzzardi

Referring to the lack of anti-war songs, I still have Eve of Destruction on a 45- RPM somewhere. The all- volunteer military certainly has its unintended consequences.

Switching gears, like Guzzardi, I am a liberal Democrat opposed to illegal and massive legal immigration. 

I'm also a Quaker which means many of my friends heartily disagree with me

One friend is actually on the board of directors of a day labor center in Denver! We have traveled to Mexico together, too, so it's an interesting give and take. 

I've noticed that we Liberal-Democratic-Quaker anti-immigration folks are out there but remain mostly silent. Most Quakers may believe that anti-immigration sentiment is wrong or that they are unique in their feelings.

Our Quaker group had a meeting to discuss immigration last December.  Wow!  It got (for Quakers) very rough verbally.  But as I said, it was amazing how many who share our opposition to immigration stood up, so to speak. 

We need to get more Quakers on board.  I always stump the pro-immigration folks, who usually also want high wages, with this: "You cannot simultaneously be for high wages and high immigration."

I also appreciate the fact that Guzzardi and Allan Wall work in the belly of the beast. It lends real credibility to their observations.

Verizzo recently moved to Florida from Denver.

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