An African-American Reader Offers His Experience As A "Community Organizer"—And His Views On John McCain
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From: Willis Papillion (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Obama As Community Organizer: Organizing Blacks Against Whites

I've had several jobs that could be called "community organizer." They were all aimed at empowering Blacks.

One was at the U.S Department of Education organizing the Southern California, Nevada and Arizona School Districts and non-profits in support of school desegregation.

Another occurred when, in the late 1960s, I organized Black parents in Berkeley to promote their involvement in seeking a better education for their children.

McCain troubles me. It's contradictory for him to take a pro-life position but then turn around and send our youth off to die in Iraq.

And with 71 percent of American black children fatherless, McCain and his wife Cindy go to Bangladesh to adopt their daughter Bridget.

McCain is a hypocrite.

Papillion, who lives in Washington State, has been active in the Republican Party since he first volunteered for President Ronald Reagan in 1981. He is currently a member of Washingtonians for Immigration Reform.

His previous letters about the link between high immigration and depressed wages for blacks and how to close the achievement gap are here and here.

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