An Alabama Reader Says Even China Recognizes The Negative Impact Of Overpopulation
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Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: China's Overpopulation Blowback  

From: Lawrence Lee (e-mail him)

Walker’s blog is another excellent piece from her on-going pursuit of a sane population policy.  

But next time she should consider that China's massive population explosion is a direct result of its government’s policy aimed at maximizing growth!  

Mostly forgotten is that the current boom in China's population is because of Mao's policy that encouraged the Chinese to breed and be plentiful
Multiple birth mothers were financially rewarded, abortion and birth control were outlawed, and honest economists like the former president of Peking University Ma Yinchu were purged.  

The current one-family one-child policy (the official current fertility rate: about two children/family and the probable real fertility rate: three children/family) slowed but did not stop the demographic momentum Mao generated.  

Things changed when the Communists worried that not even they could keep order during the resultant misery caused by an exponentially increasing population.  

Now that the American elites are pushing to increase the United State’s population to a half-billion by 2040 and likely over a billion by the end of the century, it's no wonder that the negative effects of China's government policies are rarely mentioned.  

Lee is an engineer. His previous letter about the security threat that a John McCain presidency would represent is here.

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