Allan Wall Says "It's True"…U.S. Soldiers Searched
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09/17/06 - A Kansas Reader Says The Washington Post Is Hard To Top For Dishonest Immigration Journalism

From:  Allan Wall [e-mail]

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: MSM 9/11 Concern—Anti-Muslim "Intolerance" And Marcellus Arminger's Saturday Forum Reply: A California Reader Won't Waste Any Tears On Muslims Searched At Airports

Marcellus wrote in his letter to VDARE.COM:

"To get your blood really boiling, read this account from Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Steven Alvarez who reports that service personnel in full uniform and with proper identification en route to and from Iraq are routinely subjected to extensive searches in our airports." ( Soldiers Deserve TSA's Respect in Screenings at Airports Steven Alvarez, Soldiers for the Truth, September 5, 2006)

I can definitely verify that this is true. In October of 2005, I flew back from Iraq for my two-week leave.  

And both en route to and en route back to Iraq and with my uniform on each time, I went through all that airport rigmarole.

Wall, whose VDARE.COM columns are here, recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. His "Dispatches from Iraq" are archived here. 

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