A California Reader Says Local Southern California Governments Refuse To Verify Workforce Eligibility
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From:  Carl Olson: [e-mail him

Many local governments in Southern California are refusing to verify the eligibility of their thousands of employees to work legally in the United States. Instead of protecting the public and their own legal employees, these governments side the illegal aliens.

Although all employers may use the Department of Homeland Security's free federal online " Basic Pilot Program" to verify employee eligibility, none of the government bodies I have surveyed have done so.

Among them is the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. School board president and Democratic candidate for California Assembly Julia Brownley confirmed to me that her district does not use the Basic Pilot Program and does not plan to adopt it in the future. (e-mail Brownley here.)

I have also presented the Basic Pilot Program to Los Angeles Community College District, (e-mail) the Ventura County Board of Education (e-mail), the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, (e-mail) the Pleasant Valley School District (e-mail) and the City of Port Hueneme (e-mail)

In May, the Los Angeles City Department of Water and Power found eight illegal aliens who had been on its payroll for three years in positions ranging from management analyst to water sampling technician.  The employees were from Ethiopia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Mexico, and the Philippines. One illegal alien made $100,000, according to the Associated Press. [ Undocumented Government Workers, By Debra J. Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle, September 17, 2006]

Thousands of legitimate government employees and prospective employees are at risk when they have to compete with the ultimate in resume padding—complete illegality

The website for Basic Pilot Program is here. I will continue to post my findings on other government bodies I will survey on my website.

Olson is Chairman of State Department Watch, a nonpartisan watchdog group. He holds a M.S. degree from Columbia University and is a Lieutenant Commander of the USNR, Retired. From 1982-1984, Olson served under President Ronald Reagan as a special assistant in Department of Health and Human Services.

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