A White “Conservative” Reader Wonders If We’re Racist And Uneducated; James Fulford Responds
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Re: Pat Buchanan’s article A.D. 2041—End of White America

From: Joey Stearns [Email him]

 I am a white, conservative American male. I too feel strongly that our society is trending the wrong way. I agree that we have many social issues threatening our way of life today, but the way you portrayed blacks and Hispanics as being responsible for any of this is misguided.

I despise the social programs that make men of any color lazy and allows them to shirk the responsibility of manhood/fatherhood. But, much closer to the core is the lack of morality and character shown by most of our citizens, regardless of the color of our skin.

The loss of a father figure in many of our families is hindering our future generations and is rampant among all ethnic groups.

The article, "End of White America" seemed to be thinly veiled KKK propaganda and disgusted me. Some of our Founding Fathers were just wrong in the way they looked at skin color despite all their wisdom in setting up our country's government.

I have learned what it feels like to be judged for the color of my skin as a white person after living most of my life in an essentially all white mid-western town. The issues facing our country today have nothing to do with skin color.

By posting this sort of article on your website you characterize conservatives as racist and uneducated, and maybe you are. I don't know you personally.

Our future lies in returning to God-fearing living and values. God looks at people through his Son, Jesus and not through their skin color. Yes, we need change in our government and society.  That change will only be rightly guided if it is based in Godly principles.

James Fulford writes: Mr., Stearns says that he has only recently left a “Whitopian” town for what I suppose is a more diverse coastal area. I suspect his perfectly conventional attitudes towards race will change with more experience of diversity.

He seems to have no idea of the statistical differences between racial groups as far as “social programs” (welfare) and   “loss of a father figure“(illegitimacy) is concerned.

As for the charge that we are "racist and uneducated," I deny the allegation. (I will mention, which I normally don’t, that I had to correct the spelling of the writer who’s calling me uneducated and racist.)

However, I will admit to not having a college degree, because you do not need a college degree to be a journalist. Kathy Shaidle tells me that college is waste of time and money, and I believe her.

Almost everyone else at VDARE.com has more degrees than I have, law degrees, doctorates, medical degrees, and so on (Peter Brimelow has an MBA from Stanford) but most of those are qualifications to do something useful, not just so you can call other people uneducated.

I'm not all sensitive about that, really. As for the part about  thinly veiled KKK propaganda, see my blog post How About You Stop Calling Us Racists And Murderers Long Enough To Talk About Civility?

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