A Dubious Midwestern Reader Wonders If An Earlier Letter Writer Was A Liberal In Disguise—We Explain About Neoconservatives
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Re: Yesterday’s letter A White “Conservative” Reader Wonders If We’re Racist And Uneducated; James Fulford Responds

From: A Dubious Midwestern Reader [Email him]

After reading the letter from Joey Stearns [Email him] about his concerns in the VDare.com letters section I have come to the conclusion that we've all been taken in by a carefully crafted letter from a master manipulator over at the SPLC.

From claiming to be a white conservative male concerned about black social issues, (definite red flag), to labeling articles as 'KKK' racist, to claiming that he's from an essentially all white Midwestern town (I've lived in the Midwest and from all the legal and illegal immigration to this country, I found very few Whitopias left) to claiming that the problems facing our country have nothing to do with skin color, (big red flag), and then claiming that you're an uneducated racist, even though he doesn't know for sure, (from the SPLC point of view anyone who claims the non-whites are the downfall of white America is a racist), to trying to cement their credibility through the use of religion, (probably a new one for the SPLC), because they somehow believe that it’s really Christianity at the root of the white racist mind.

Joey used a lot of conservative code words, but if you deconstruct his letter I think you'll see that it's a thinly veiled attack on VDare.com with the main premise contained in paragraphs 4 - 6. Namely that anyone that reads VDare.com, believes in the Founding Fathers’ principals, or most of all, anyone that reads the "End of White America" is an uneducated KKK racist.

Let me change that a tiny a bit. It should read, anyone that doesn't agree with the demise of white America is a KKK racist.

  I see this type of disguised innuendo all the time in the comments sections of another website I read that is dedicated to exposing the financial shenanigans of Wall Street and D.C. I suspect that VDare.com has seen and will see more of these ad hominem attacks on your character rather than counter Pat Buchanan's principal arguments and yours.

James Fulford writes: I don't think the author of that letter is really a conservative—that's why I put "conservative" in quotes—but I don’t we've been taken by a master liberal manipulator, either. The author of that piece was typical of the mindset of many modern Movement conservatives. It's actually a major component of the Neoconservative Mind. A guy like that is not secret Democrat mole. He probably actually votes Republican. But multiculturalism has colonized his mind.

The editors of National Review vote Republican, but they published this ad hominem attack twelve years ago: A Conservative No More | The tribal politics of Pat Buchanan, by Ramesh Ponnuru, October 11, 1999

See also Jonah Goldberg’s Ideologues Have Hijacked an Important Debate, Los Angeles Times, February 24, 2002, and David Frum ‘s famous essay on “Unpatriotic Conservatives”, which attack both Pat and VDARE.com by name.

None of these guys is actually a liberal mole—they were just brought up this way.

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